Poems Jan 12, 2020

We promised to never grow apart

We’d be the ones who stayed from the start

I will be your friend

Forever, till the end

I fell for it, too

I couldn’t see you

You made me let my guard down

And I, not realizing I was going to drown,

Believed your lies

You wore a very convincing disguise

I couldn’t see

You were using me

You would leave once you were done

Having your twisted, awful fun

I let myself believe

And I let you deceive

Well, never again will I let anyone in

Never again will I let my optimism win

Now I know

Hope is my biggest foe

I let warmth into my heart

That was a mistake on my part

So it is time to say goodbye

Time to stop believing every lie

Remind myself of the truth you can’t deny

That if you trust, you die.

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