Too Far Gone - Coming End Of This Year

Posts Jan 23, 2020

I've begun writing Book Three in my Radha Bose series of detective thrillers, and I've titled it Too Far Gone. The book shall be more surreal, more psychological than the previous two. The title kind of summarizes the theme of the book - Aditya and Radha were in a very bad place at the end of The Rage Within, and Too Far Gone will witness their continued descent into darkness.

Aditya will be dealing with THAT bombshell dropped in The Rage Within, and Radha will be grappling with the vengeful instincts, awoken in the previous book, that threaten to make her more of an antihero, a vigilante.

As I said, I've begun writing the book, but it won't be completed anytime soon. I expect a year-end release, probably around November or December. This is also the first time that I named a book before I began writing it, so progress.

Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, check out Birth of a Duo and its sequel The Rage Within.

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