The Rage Within

Aditya Gokhale and Radha Bose, now co-workers in the latter's detective agency, face their toughest task yet - to track down the culprit in a 17-year old kidnapping turned murder. Someone breaks into their office in the middle of the night. A voice from the past exacerbates Aditya's depression and anxiety. A past adversary threatens to topple Radha's peace of mind. And through it all, two fractured individuals try to hold it all together.

Book Two in the Radha Bose series continues the adventures of the unconventional duo that won over critics a year ago. This time, though, the stakes are much higher, and their chances of success much lower.

Order your copy from the Notion Press store here. Use the coupon TRW25 for a 35% discount (First 25 orders only). It is available on Amazon here, and on Flipkart here.

The ebook version is FREE for Kindle Unlimited users. Grab your free copy here!

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