I Wish I Never Met You

Poems Feb 01, 2020

I said goodbye to you today

Walked away from you and I

It wasn’t an easy thing to say

To distance myself from your high

I knew from the moment I met you

That you were oh so unique

I know you never thought so too

You believe you’re a worthless geek

I wish I could make you see

How special you are to me

How, oh how can it be

That the ocean thinks itself just a sea?

The agony of walking away from you

Is enough to paralyze a man

I feel myself sinking into an endless blue

For this day, I never did plan

I don’t want to see you go

I don’t want to feel this pain

Over these years you helped me grow

So why do I feel it was all in vain?

For all the happiness you gave me

For everything I’ll now have to go through

For all the darkness I will now see

I’m sorry, but I wish I never met you.

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