I Remember

Poems Oct 26, 2019

I still remember the days

I still remember the years

When the sadness seemed just a phase

And not every night was spent in tears

When my eyes weren’t perennially melancholic

And I wanted each day to never end

When every evening was full of fun and frolic

And in every stranger I saw a friend

When the world was infinitely more kind

And no one yearned to see others fall

When genuineness wasn’t so hard to find

And virtue was embraced by all

But with every betrayal and every goodbye

Every breakdown I hid from those around me

I realized that no matter how much I try

From these shackles my heart will never be free

I want to believe that one day I can win this fight

One day the depression will finally be put to bed

But right now it’s very hard to see the light

For my heart is beating but I am truly dead

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