Heart Still Beating

Poems Aug 17, 2019

She found him broken on the side of the street

Exhausted, drained, left with no fight;

She patched him up, and when their eyes did meet

He knew that he would finally be all right.

She breached every wall he’d built up over the years

She helped him get rid of all his hate and sorrow;

Helped him get past his many insecurities and crippling fears

And over time made him want to see tomorrow.

The connection was instant, and they grew close in no time

She made him laugh, she made him smile;

She’d found him broken, but now he was in his prime

And felt more alive than he had in a long, long while.

But then everything went so very wrong

It was something even she couldn’t mend;

He realized he’d been in love with her for so very long

But she already had a boyfriend.

He spent all his nights alone, crying

In no time he was back to being sad and depressed;

It hurt to be around her, but he kept on trying

Kept the feelings and emotions repressed.

But he was only human, he could take it no longer

He blew up at her, told her things that weren’t true;

With every lie and insult the hatred grew stronger

When all he ever really wanted to say was, “I love you”.

He told her the truth a year later

But by then the damage was already done;

In place of love was left a huge crater

And everything he’d so cherished was gone.

Over time he became numb, he became faded

He closed himself off and sealed up his heart;

He allowed himself to become cynical and jaded

Allowed the world to rip his soul apart.

He all but gave up, and each day a part of him did die

Until of his old self there remained only traces;

But he kept himself going, kept on scraping by

Long enough to meet new and wonderful faces.

They helped him be human again, made him see

Life may be pain, and happiness only fleeting;

But in each other we’ll always have a place to be

And our hearts will remain forever together, forever beating.

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