A Love Letter To No One

Poems Mar 23, 2020

I never wanted your body

I just wanted your heart

You know, love is today

A dying art

The warmth in your eyes

The scent of your hair

Are nothing compared to

Your words, I swear

You doubted my intentions

You distanced yourself from me

I never wanted what the other boys did

Now, oh now do you see?

Love has today

Become a synonym of lust

More to do with looks

Than with safety and trust

But I am an old-school romantic

Please let me show you

Love is more than a toxic relationship

More than one and one makes two

Love is more than a definition

I’ve seen love that can heal

Love that can destroy

And love that makes you kneel

Love is not possessive

And it has no place for pride

When you’re truly in love

You can put all your pettiness aside

Love is all-consuming

It makes you blind

It takes complete control

Of your heart and mind

And that’s the beauty of love

That it forces you to let go

Forces you to lose yourself

In another person’s glow

I convinced you to stay

Convinced you to give me a chance

Convinced you to let me

Make your heart dance

You make me crazy

I can’t breathe when you’re here

You’re the only one who can make me do

Everything that I fear

You made me let my guard down

You made me open up to you

And the craziest thing

Is that I actually wanted to

I let go of my insecurities

I let myself trust once more

I did all of it even though

My heart was so very sore

When you said, “I love you”

My heart skipped a beat

You moved me, my Sweet

And that, is no mean feat

You healed my bleeding heart

Which once was almost dead

It’s a shame then that girl,

You’re only in my head.

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